Grenadine Records

Grenadine Records is a Montreal record label that believes in a Timeless Pop Attitude. 

  • GREN018: Nightwood, "Big City" CD EP
  • GREN017: Shane Watt, "Elan's Dinner" CD 
  • GREN016: The American Devices, S/T CD
  • GREN015: Eux Autres, "Hell is Eux Autres" CD
  • GREN014: Starvin Hungry, "Damnesty" CD
  • GREN013: Shy Child, "The Humanity" CD EP
  • GREN012: Melon Galia, "Les embarras du quotidien" CD
  • GREN011: Alexis O'Hara, "In Abulia" CD
  • GREN010: Blurtonia, S/T CD
  • GREN009: Shy Child, "Please Consider Our Time" CD
  • GREN008: The Dears, "Nor the Dahlias: The Dears 1995-1998" CD
  • GREN007: music for mapmakers, ".02" CD EP
  • GREN006: Various artists, "Syrup & Gasoline vol 2" CD
  • GREN005: Les Séquelles, "Et tant pis si cela vous déplait" CD/LP
  • GREN004: The Dears, "End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story" CD
  • GREN003: The Frenetics, "Scenery" CD EP
  • GREN002 / BIT002: Tricky Woo, "Ten Tons" 7"
  • GREN001: Various artists, "Syrup & Gasoline vol 1" CD
  • GREN000 / BIT001: LowBrow, "Our 17.78cm Record" 7"