Various Artists, Syrup & Gasoline Compilations

Syrup & Gasoline vol 1

In 1999 Grenadine unveiled SYRUP & GASOLINE Vol.1. The bilingual cross-Canadian comp featured 20 of the late 90s' greatest garage and indie-rock bands. It caught many eyes and ears across the nation and made it onto the Canadian campus-community radio charts for a good few weeks, topping at #1 and claiming #19 overall for 1999.

Track listing: The Papillomas "Satellites Feel Fast/Midwestern Bound",Les Séquelles "Shu-ba-lu-ba-du-ba", Plumtree "Latitude", Jalo-Pea"Sofa", The Minipops "Hang Up", The Pinups "Pulse & A Rhythm", Les Secrétaires Volantes "Les Natures mortes", The Girlbombs "Girl Gets Boy", LowBrow "It'll Take a While", Les Macchabées "La Course", Thee Goblins "Cheese Pleaser", B'ehl "Sorry for Being Such a Crappy Friend",Steaming Toolie "Bus Stop Cathy", Tricky Woo "Making Time", EvieLes Thanatologues "Milkshake", 4-Star Movie "Telex Blues", The Spitfires"Piece of You", Bikini Bones "Brain Eaters", Thrush Hermit "Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman"

"...gems like the new wave groove of the Mini Pops, Tricky Woo covering the Creation, les Séquelles' cover of Serge Gainsbourg, the garagey sounds of the Girlbombs and the Goblins, and last but not least the amazing Budgie cover of "Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman" by Thrush Hermit make this a delight. Bonus points for the excellent illustrations by local art guy Salgood Sam." - The Mirror

Syrup & Gasoline vol 2
In 2001, SYRUP & GASOLINE Vol.2 was launched. With all new tracks from 20 bands, the rocking bilingual sounds of the first S&G compilation can still be heard all over the album. The comp was popularly received by media and fans alike.

Tracks listing: Transylvania 500 "Bloodwiser", The Carnations"Sundays", The Dears "Le pauvre chanteur (From the South Shore)",music for mapmakers "Steph & Andy", Mike O'Neil "Tell All Your Kin",Organics "Quand il me dit", Les Séquelles "Il suffirait d'un rien", The Riff Randells "Summer of '99", Dead Enders "Factory Walls", Test Tone Channel "Subordonnée", The Bronze Medal with Ariel Engel"Sometimes at Midnight", Scott Walker "This Will Be Our Year", Mario Poupette et les Chevettes "Comment te dire adieu", clover honey "Straight to Your Hair", Elevator "Gunningsville Drawbridge", The Frenetics"Wishful Thinking", Bionic "Heroine Hates You", Les Protagonistes Rébarbatifs "Les cactus", Les Tabernacles "Killer", Novillero "St. Cloud Pride"

"The little Montreal label that could, Grenadine is back with their second compilation and although it leans a bit more towards the syrup (pop) than gasoline (rock) this time around it's still a great listen." - The Mirror

Salgood Sam is the artist behind both Syrup & Gasoline compilation and much of Grenadine's visuals. The diner setting on the cover of S&G Vol. 1 features Maybel the waitress with her tag line, "It's Called Rock and Roll, honey, Rock and Roll". Also making cameos are Deadbeat and Cheese Boy, two punk comix characters invented by Salgood (Deadbeat) and Windsor comix artist George Rizok (Cheese Boy).

Grenadine's Alex Megelas and Salgood Sam first crossed paths in the summer of '98. Burgeoning young thespian Megelas was playing in a Montreal Fringe production of Marc Rubinoff 's How sad for us. Rubinoff was then roommates with local music and comix scenester Rupert Bottenberg; over the previous four years their couch had played host on a number of occasions to fellow Comix guy and frequent Comix Jam attendee Salgood Sam. Rubinoff commissioned Salgood to design a poster for his new play and upon attending a rehearsal to sketch the players and get a better sense of the play, Salgood got to meet Alex. Back then, Alex was booking shows under the name Another Bittersweet Night and that led to Salgood making a poster for one of his upcoming shows. This was the first official collaboration with since-then Grenadine partner-in-crime Salgood Sam.