Melon Galia

On 'les embarras du quotidien' you will find sweet passionate and melodious songs about life's daily troubles. Belgium's Melon Galia capture a beautiful French-European sound intertwined with occasional Anglo Saxon influences (Belle & Sebastian, The Smiths, Teenage Fan Club) and an outstanding orchestration of instruments. The album was recorded by John Cunningham (Parasol recording artist) and was mixed by Mike Mogis (of Lullaby For The Working Class and Bright Eyes). Mogis also contributes instrument tracks and invites Bright Eyes lead-man Conor Oberst to do vocals on N'en parlons plus.

Les embarras du quotidien was first released in France (Disques Mange-Tout) and in Japan (Pi-Vine Records) in 2001. The album was finally released in North America in 2003 through Grenadine Records. Melon Galia toured three times in North America, acquiring the adulation of press and fans alike while stunning those who had the opportunity to witness their stellar live performance.

Melon Galia were Thierry De Brouwer (vocals, guitar, bass, organ, percussions), Aurélie Muller (vocals, bass, groove box, melodica) and Samir Barris (drums, percussions, guitar, backup vocals). During their last North American tour, they were joined by Catherine de Biaso and Ludovic Bouteligier.

Thierry and Aurélie have also played in Hank Harry and the Lovely Cowboy Orchestra. Thierry now plays in Brussels-based Le Yéti (alongside Catherine and Ludovic). Aurélie is half of pop group Soy Un Caballo and performs alongside Samir who now plays under his own name. Catherine is now in Mièle (Humpty Dumpty Records)

"...beautiful French pop music that is the perfect summer album for indie-pop fans everywhere." - Exclaim!

Grenadine Discography:
2003 - GREN012 'Les embarras du quotidien' CD