Blood, Broken Teeth, Guts, and Northern Rock, Blurtonia (now defunct) were an intense, energetic, hard-rocking and serious band who drew from the history of rock but delved into everything from free jazz to punk. Think ZZtop, The Stooges, Sun Ra, Love, etc.

Blurtonia was formed in May 1999 to play live shows in support of the well-received debut Adventures in the Kingdom of Blurtonia, co-produced by Daryl Smith whose credits include Sloan, Tricky Woo and Godspeed You Black Emperor. Emphasizing purity in sound - preferring to use analogue gear and equipment to perform and record - Blurtonia on album was only overshadowed by a deadly gritty rollicking Blurtonia on stage.

When the band signed on to Grenadine in 2002, the band was comprised of Ian Blurton (ex-Change of Heart) on guitar and vox, Al Kelso (ex-Dinner is Ruined) on guitar, Randy Curnew (ex-Ursula/Cash Brothers) on drums, and Brendan Canning (Broken Social Scene) on bass. Before their last cross-Canada tour in September 2002, Eric Larock (Tricky Woo) filled in on bass.

Ian Blurton is currently involved in C'Mon (alongside Randy Curnew and Katie Lynn also of Nashville Pussy). He can also be found in the heart of Toronto recording and producing at Chemical Sounds.

"Ian Blurton is our favourite Canadian rock god" - Eye Weekly

"A quartet with the guts of a steamroller"- Chart Magazine

Grenadine Discography:
2002 - GREN010 s/t CD