Nightwood is a female-fronted indie rock band with two clean guitars and a lone bearded drummer. Decidedly rock n' roll in their approach, this trio bucks convention by delivering a big sound while delighting in the simplicity of its instrumentation. What you find are commanding dual vocals, at times eerily intertwined and at others sweetly harmonized, creating minimalist guitar music which succeeds in saying a lot with as little as possible. While there is no bass, Nightwood are still, through and through, a rock band. Influences include Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, The Velvet Underground, Sleater Kinney, Nick Cave and Low.

"moody minimalism at its best" - The Monitor

"It's low, slow indie rock with guitars and vocals that harmonize seedy riffs and melodies, sometimes to entrancing effects." - The Mirror

Grenadine Discography:
2008 - GREN018: "Big City" CD EP