Shane Watt

The world is a blur of images, places, traces, sounds, lakes and hills, alleyways, subways, highways and melodies…inlets and outlets, rhythms and noises… 

Such is Shane Watt’s debut album "Elan's Diner". It is the soundtrack to all the places he has seen and all those that still await him. This melodic, nostalgic debut is reminiscent of the innocence of 70’s pop psychedelica but with a mournful folk attitude. In the artist’s own words “The creation of this album was my escape into a world just like ours – but a kinder version. The songs reflect the spirit of where I want to be. The place I’m looking forAll the things I cherish are here, in the music and the words.”

Watt has called Montreal home for the past twelve years and in that time has played alongside numerous artists, including Adamtozoe, Lederhosen Lucil, Biffy Perdu and Cooper Thomson. He currently works with long-time musical collaborator Krista Muir. 

“Watt's act makes a refreshingly un-sceney brand of indie folk. Or, put another way, his music seems to have willfully missed the innovations of the last decades. The ignorance that would be death in other genres is a great aid in folk: this is low-rent acoustic guitar that cuts to what counts.” -CNET Editors review

Grenadine Discography:
2008 - GREN017:"Elan's Diner" CD


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