Alexis O'Hara

If you've seen Alexis O'Hara live, then you remember the experience.

It ain't just that ms.roboto headset mic and those luminous breast pads. The lady's got a way with words. A philosopher queen, a freestylin' and speakbeating chameleon, Alexis draws you into her world and has you marveling at the absurdity of the human condition. She'll comment on the thoughts you had today, the flashes you had yesterday (yes, the has read your diaries) and when it's all over, she'll gallantly impress herself on the way you¹ll think tomorrow.

Alexis O'hara's debut album In Abulia is a sonic joyride that runs the gamut from sweet electro-madness to abrasive robot poetry. Add evocative soundscapes of scavenged samples, field recordings and layers of voice and bass guitar and even a number of songs, and you've got a very original recording that subverts, surprises and dares to speak the language we all whisper inside.

In Abulia was sponsored in part by a Canada Council grant and features pals Jon Asencio (Pest 5000, Goa!), Rob Stephens (The Fearless Freep, Lullaby Baxter Trio) and Rick Rigby (Shine Like Stars, Bran Van 3000).

"In Abulia requires careful attention from the listener as it’s full of hidden tricks and tripwires, but it pays off in the end." - the Mirror

Grenadine Discography:
2002 - GREN011 'In Abulia' CD