Shy Child

The NYC-based duo Shy Child is made up of Pete Cafarella on guiboard and vox & Nate Smith on drums (also members of Dischord's El Guapo, now Supersystem and Troubleman Unlimited's Touchdown, respectively). They originally met in college before relocating to New York and forming Shy Child in late 2000. Their debut album, "Please Consider Our Time" was initially released by the band in 2001 as a limited edition CDR sold at Lower East Village record store Kim's Mondo, which is where one of the Grenadine owners picked up a copy while in town. The record is an amazing mix of 80s analog synth and 70s hard rock - think Kraftwerk meets New Order with some Sabbath thrown in. In 2002, Grenadine re-released the album proper. Later that year, the album made its way to a Japanese techno shop as an import and was purchased by Planet Mu recording artist Joseph Nothing. He liked it so much that he licenced it in Japan in early 2003 for Romz Records.

Shy Child's second release on Grenadine "The Humanity EP" took it one step beyond. The tight drumming and melodic vocal/gui-board melodies are still present but Shy Child now add a dose of intense prog rock energy akin to that of other Brooklynites Oneida and The Rapture.

"They are our Rush. Embrace them." - Vice Magazine

"It's novel, playful, considered, awkward, annoying, deliberate and whimsical by turns - everything new music should be." - the Hour

Grenadine Discography:
2003 - GREN013 'Humanity' CD EP
2002 - GREN009 'Please Consider Our Time' CD