The Frenetics

Montreal's The Frenetics (formed in August 1999) have been hitting clubs, halls and bars across North America with their mix of 70's British punk and 90's American indie rock. The "Scenery" EP released on Grenadine was their first release and featured the band's capacity for urgent British pop, anthemic rockabilly and driving melodic punk.

Over the course of their five year existence and multiple tours, they shared the stage with such acts as The Weakerthans, The Delta 72, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists and many others. Their final line-up was made up of Malcolm Bauld (guitar/voice) who now performs as a solo artist, Alex Seliger (bass) and Anne Gauthier (drums) who is now in the Hot Springs and Kickers.

"... a refreshing and upbeat EP, showing a flair for melody and unexpected chord changes." - Discorder

"Okay, it is jam packed full of Weller-isms and the Mick Jones side of the Clash, but this local trio don't date themselves with anglophonic '70s pop (see the Strike, on Victory Records). With clever arranging and a crack team of rhythm specialists, the Frenetics are able to carve out something of their own." - Montreal Mirror

Grenadine Discography:
2001 - GREN006, Various Artists: 'Syrup & Gasoline Volume 2' CD
2000 - GREN003 'Scenery' CD EP