The Dears

Fronted by Murray Lightburn, The Dears were first hailed for their interpretation of switched-on orchestral-pop-romantique (often citing Francis Lai and Serge Gainsbourg as influences) and select live shows found the band on stage with the Cosmopolitan City Orchestra. Grenadine released the band's debut full length "End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story" to wide acclaim as well as a CD documentary of their earlier material titled "Nor the Dahlias: The Dears 1995-1998".

Grenadine Discography:
2001 - GREN008 'Nor the Dahlias' CD
2001 - GREN006 Various Artists: 'Syrup & Gasoline Volume 2' CD comp.
2000 - GREN004 'End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story' CD