Eux Autres

Brother-sister duo Eux Autres channel sixties french pop bliss into an assuredly more modern landscape. 'Hell is Eux Autres', released on Grenadine in 2005 is the first full length by Omaha-born, Portland-based, Heather and Nicholas Larimer. It couples upbeat rhythms with rich, compelling melodies sung in call and response. The Larimers alternate lead duties while showcasing franco/anglo vocals underscored by lyrics that manage to be clever without being presumtuous.

Recorded by Jeff Stuart Saltzman and Janet Weiss (Sleater Kinney, Quasi), “Hell is…” intermingles polished pop and reverbed three-chord garage rock. This record is clearly a labour of love. Endearing touches such as bouncy hand-clapping and nostalgic ballads evoke picnics of summers past.

“Hovering somewhere between a high-school French-class assignment and Thee Headcoats..On the a-side, the brother sister team plays three chord garage pop that hangs on a raunchy guitar line and crisp production from Janet Weiss (Sleater-Kinney, Quasi).” - Magnet Magazine

“One of the more exciting independent releases of the year…a veritable cult classic.” - Under The Radar

Grenadine Discography:
2002 - GREN015 'Hell Is Eux Autres' CD